Red Laser Bore Sighter Collimator Lancer Tactical

Red Laser Bore Sighter Collimator

Référence : CA-446B

Allows quick and precise adjustment of all sights


  • Allows the user to accurately set sights or scope accordingly. 
  • More convenient way to align your optic than scope and sight alignment. 
  • Includes three AG13 batteries for a great value. 
  • Produces a maximum output of
  • Head diameter is measured at 16mm. 
  • Tail diameter stretches out to 5mm.
  • 155mm overall length is constructed out of durable metal material. 

 Package includes: 1X Laser Bore Sighter Collimator 

Color: BLACK

Reference Designation MSRP
CA-446B Red Laser Bore Sighter Collimator -
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