M4 style 480 bbs XL BB Loader Lancer Tactical

XL Universal 480 rounds speedloader

Référence : UG1041

Very resistant, this bbloader can quickly reload magazines, grenades, revolvers etc.

Characteristics :

  • Capacity: 480 bbs
  • Color: translucent blue
  • Width: 7.62cm
  • Length: 17.8cm
  • Weight: 112g
  • Supplied with 1 adapter for GBB and AEG Mid-cap magazines
  • Fits on M4 Molle pouch
Reference Designation French Law Caliber Shots Colors MSRP
UG1041 M4 style 480 bbs XL BB Loader Vente libre 6 mm airsoft 480 Bleu 8,00€ TTC
Catégorie V
Vente Libre

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