Aluminium QD Silencer + Steel Flash hider 14mm CCW BO MANUFACTURE

New silencer with quick coupler on flash hider. Manufactured by PPS for BO Manufacture

Référence : PU02000

Muffler with foam, CNC aluminum body with a superb black anodized finish.

This silencer is mounted thanks to its quick threading system directly on its MK16 steel flash hider.

The kit includes:

  • QD aluminum silencer
  • MK16 steel flash hider 14mm CCW mounting (anti-clockwise)
  • Aluminum body
  • No steel screws
  • Color black anodized
  • Thread: 14mm CCW (anti-clockwise)
  • Very careful manufacturing
  • Robust screw thread for perfect mounting alignment
  • Delivered with Flame Cache type MK16

Reference Designation French Law Colors MSRP
PU02000 BLACK Vente libre Noir 24,90€ TTC
Catégorie V
Vente Libre

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