3-9 x 40 with Ris mount scope Lancer Tactical

Pair of 21mm high mounting clamp included

Référence : A68778N

Great value, for Airsoft use only. This scope is not capable to support Firearms and airguns recoil shocks.

  • Aluminium construction Tan color
  • 25,4mm body
  • Zoom 3-9X
  • Windage and elevation fully ajustable
  • Multi coated lenses
Reference Designation French Law Length (cm) Magnification Min Magnification Max Objectif Diam. (mm) MSRP
A68778N LANCER TACTICAL 3 - 9 X 40 SCOPE NOIR Vente libre 31.12 3x 9x 40 mm 43,00€ TTC
Catégorie V
Vente Libre

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