BIO BBs 0.15g x 5100 bottle Lancer Tactical

BIO BBs 0.15g x 5100 bottle

Référence : BB3309

Lightweight 0.15 grams BIODEGRADABLE balls (in about 120 days) of very high quality in a bottle of 5100 balls, with quick opening by pouring spout, integrated in an unscrewable cap for faster pouring.

  • Diameter : 5,94mm + 0,001
  • Color : White
  • Box of 6 bottles
Reference Designation French Law Weight (g) Colors MSRP
BB3309 BB LT 0.15G BIO 5100 rds en bouteille (carton de 6) Vente libre 0.15 Blanc 13,00€ TTC
Catégorie V
Vente Libre

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