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Gearbox system

The gearbox

The gearbox shell is designed and then machined to obtain extreme low tolerances of flatnesss of the bearing areas in order to minmize vibration effects to the fixed set. We focus our QC over functional ratings to validate durability for your replica and to prevent recurring breakage.



Our double straitgh tooth gear design eliminates axial forces


Cylinder head

The piston on slide design is also reinforced through a steel rack in order to obtain a low resistance coefficient at break to reduce mechanical stress and increase the piston life span.


Piston head

The rubber material inserted in the piston head is smooth enough to increase its life span. The polished cylinder is defined for hydrodynamic regime. All together, this system works very smoothly for the ultimate compression ratio.

Cylinder hear

The cylinder hear designed for the best airflow dynamics with low compressed air leakage and best flow dynamics towards the nozzle.


QSC® system

The QSC® system is the fastest quick spring change on the market. Remove the stock tube, remove the spring guide by pushing and turning a quart on it.


Electric Switch

We use silver connectors to reduce coaling effect over metallic parts and increase components life span. The shielded wires (16 AWG, 1.31 mm² section) meet quality standards for high performance motors and high power LiPo batteries.